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 rocket seeds planted 3

A group of Year 7 students have begun their experiment to grow seeds which have been to space.

The seeds were among 2kg of rocket seeds flown to the International Space Station (ISS) in September 2015 on Soyuz 44S.

The seeds spent several months in microgravity before returning to Earth and being distributed among the schools taking part, along with seeds which haven't been into space.

The seeds' growth will be measured at intervals over the next six weeks and all the data will be returned to the Rocket Science Project launched by the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and the UK Space Agency.

But our students don't yet know which seeds are which.

"They are taking the responsibility of carrying out this experiment very seriously," explained learning support teacher Mrs Jarvis, who is co-ordinating the project at the College.

"The seeds must be measured at intervals and the results entered into a special chart we have been given to fill out.

Seed Experiment Is Out Of This World

rocket seeds planted 2

"The students won't know which packets contain which seeds until all the results have been collected and analysed," said Mrs Jarvis.

"We are very proud to be part of Rocket Science - it is such an exciting project and the RHS has put so much thought and effort into the planning stages.

"The students are so positive and enthusiastic. We now wait to see exactly what we are able to grow and we are so excited to be part of a nationwide piece of research.

"We also need to thank the Science technicians - Mrs Elliot and Mr Wright - for adopting our seeds and watering them for us.

rocket seeds planted 1

Courtney said she "can't wait" to see how the seeds grow over the coming weeks.

"It's very exciting and I know I'm going to look forward to each time we measure them."

Fellow student Ryan said it was "really fun" to be part of the project.

 "We are part of finding out whether food can be grown in space - it's very special."

Rocket Science is just one educational project from a programme developed by the UK Space Agency to celebrate British ESA astronaut Tim Peake's Principia mission to the ISS and to inspire young people to look into careers in STEM subjects including horticulture.

The College has been an enthusiastic participant in RHS initiatives in recent years - in 2014 David Cavey, who is now in Year 11, was named Key Stage 3 School Gardener of the Year.

Seed Experiment Is Out Of This World

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