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Year 10 student Abby wrote this review about Say Two Productions' visit to the College to perform two productions.

As a year group, year 10 have always heard this one word throughout their school career and that word is ‘opportunities’.

At the end of April they were kindly given the opportunity to watch Macbeth and An Inspector Calls being acted by a theatre group called Say Two Productions.

Initially, most students were excited just to have a break from lessons but as the events drew nearer more of their excitement was aimed at seeing the productions.

In the morning, students got to watch Macbeth being acted out. The actors explained the play as well as giving students extra side notes to think about for when they write their GCSE pieces on it later next year.

They involved the students by asking them questions and allowing them to show off what knowledge they already had.

After that, the music came on and the show began.

It was really helpful being able to see the play in action rather than just making notes and the students were able to find a better understanding of what was going on.

Half the year group were also given the opportunity to do a workshop with the actors on Macbeth.

say two 1

Some girls dug deep and got to hold the swords which were scarily heavy and swing them at each other while yelling lines from Macbeth while some other students got to be the witches and murderers.

If they weren’t doing that, they were learning about how stage directions are used to cause effect. They were very grateful to gain a further understanding of the play.

In the afternoon, students finally watched An Inspector Calls, which again was also very useful for gaining extra knowledge and better understanding.

Two students got to act for a few minutes and win their five minutes of fame and for the audience watching that made the play even better.

Once again, the other half of the student population got to take part in the workshop that Say Two ran for them.

A lot of the context was touched upon and themes in the play were highlighted. The students even got to try on outfits!

Overall, the day was very helpful for the students. A big thanks to Say Two and the English teachers who worked hard to organise their visit.


Say Two Productions

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