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Name of Multi-Academy Trust (MAT): Inspiring Schools Partnership

Schools within MAT:        



The values that underpin our MAT:
As a MAT comprising a primary, secondary and studio school we embrace the opportunities presented to collaborate together and to eradicate disadvantage providing new experiences, progression and new career paths for all our young people and members of staff.
Teaching and learning is at the heart of all that we do together and individually. We recognise that we are all teachers and learners, regardless of age, stage, context or experience, hence every member of our MAT is valued for their contributions, their needs and their investment in our MAT becoming “better together”.

Future Intentions
We are most welcoming to partners who share our values, vision and commitment to students and the personal and professional growth of staff.
We are committed to providing the best possible learning environment for all our schools, balancing the autonomy of leaders of schools with the autonomy of the trust. We are keen to remain outward-looking and build relationships with other MATs and key stakeholders such as the Local Authority, Regional Schools Commissioner, Studio Schools Trust, Baker Dearing Trust and Ofsted.

 Inspiring Schools Partnership Committee Structure

Montpelier Primary School Admission Arrangements 2019-20

Scott College: Admission Arrangements 2019-20

Stoke Damerel Community College Admission Arrangements 2019-20




 Inspiring Schools Partnership - Supplemental Funding Agreement - Scott Medical and Healthcare College

Inspiring Schools Partnership - Supplemental Funding Agreement - Montpelier Primary School

Inspiring Schools Partnership - Supplemental Funding Agreement - Stoke Damerel Community College


Inspiring Schools Partnership - Scheme of Delegation

Inspiring Schools Partnership - Financial Procedures


Inspiring Schools Partnership - Articles of Association

Inspiring Schools Partnership - Deed of Variation of Funding Agreement

Inspiring Schools Partnership - Master Funding Agreement

Inspiring Schools Partnership - Signed Accounts 2017







Colin Searls       -       Chair



Media Arts Tutor,

School of Art, Design and Architecture,
Plymouth University

Declarations of Interest


Steve Cornwell



Greg Dix

Director of Nursing  - Plymouth NHS Trust


Patricia Livsey

Executive Dean, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences. Plymouth University


Keith Martin

Retired Senior Bank Manager



Claire Burnard – Company Secretary






Colin Searls - Chair

Media Arts Tutor, School of Design and Architecture


Martyn Cox

Headteacher Scott Medical and Healthcare College


Steve Cornwell


Greg Dix



Chief Nurse and operating officer Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust




Neil Demuth

Financial Controller, Foot Anstey


Wendy Tout

Para Professional, financial Services

David Tout Financial Solutions Limited

Carol Hannaford

ISP Accounting Officer


Jason Holland

Headteacher Montpelier



Anita Frier


Principal SDCC




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