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Mind-blowing activities for students   The second Blow Your Mind day for high-achieving pupils included creating a real-life social media campaign and a visit to a sports science laboratory. Read more
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 blow your mind eng crop 3

The first Blow Your Mind day for high-achieving pupils included creating a marketing campaign for Dartmoor Zoo and a visit to Stiltskin Theatre.

 "We have introduced exciting new enrichment events this year for High Achieving Pupils (HAPs) called 'Blow Your Mind'," explained Mrs Beacham, Assistant Vice Principal (HAPs)

"Each half term selected HAPs from each year group will be able to work with a different department and do something they will not have the chance to do in normal lessons. 

"All of the research shows that HAPs who have the enrichment opportunities of teambuilding, problem-solving, resource allocation, leadership and the like in a context that is outside of their normal experience will have improved aspirations and academic performance. 

"Along the way we hope they will have a lot of fun as well! 

"We had our first session on 29 November and it went incredibly well, the students were very involved in the activities and are looking forward to the next ones."

If you have any questions about HAPs or would like to get involved please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 blow your mind eng crop 2

Year 7 Communications:

Students chose one of the new species which have just been released from quarantine in Dartmoor Zoo and creating marketing material in English, Spanish and French to attract new visitors. The species are: Django, the Western Hognose Snake; Leaf Insects and the Tanzanian Giant Tailless Whip Scorpion (which inspired JK Rowling's creatures in Harry Potter). Mrs Hardie

blow your mind eng crop 4

Edie: Year 7 HAP student: We were shown three different animals coming soon to Dartmoor Zoological Park - the job of our group was to market and advertise the animals by making a three-page descriptive booklet, a leaflet or a vlog.

In our creations we had to include an incentive and make sure French and Spanish people could also understand the information.

While we were working we got to hold the snake and leaf insects and we had 45 minutes to plan and create our ideas before presenting them.

Our group came second and we won some chocolate - the winners were given a free kids' entry ticket to the zoo.

It was probably one of the most exciting and fascinating activities I have ever done - I'd love to do it again.

 blow your mind ci 1 crop

Year 8 - Creative Industries:

Year 8 students worked with Jacqueline from the Stiltskin Arts Company for a puppetry workshop.

It was great to see the students working with a professional from the arts industry,.

They worked together to build and perform their puppets, developing ideas and solving problems along the way.

There is definitely a future for them within the Creative Arts. Mr Stephens

blow your mind ci 2 crop

blow your mind dice

Year 9 - Maths
We started off with the 9 Dot Challenge to decide who would get first pick in our first competition, students had to think outside the box for a solution.
The groups then each had a racehorse powered by the numbers rolled on two dice, the group of girls who got first pick (and chose the numbers 7, 5, 10) won the race. Using a computer we simulated 1,000 races and even the least likely winner won (11 out of 1000 races).
This introduced the group to the idea of probability and that even when you calculate the most likely outcome it doesn’t always turn out that way!
We then watched some outtakes from Takeshi’s Castle and predicted how many contestants we would expect to get through the game using an experiment.
I showed students the answer using theoretical probability and it was similar to the answer from our experiment.
Then we looked at a degree level maths problem called the Monty Hall Problem and worked out the best strategy for winning a car and not a goat (ask me for more info if interested).
We then moved on to talk about the number of jobs for which you need a Maths qualification.
Did you know you need a Grade 5 (C) in Maths to be a midwife, art teacher or to start an apprenticeship with Babcock?
We finished with a game of Deal or No Deal in which the group (led by Taylor) won the jackpot, a tub of Celebrations to share! Mr Webb

blow your mind pe crop 1

Year 10 - PE

The Year 10s had a fantastic talk from a health and fitness industry professional, Gavin Seymour. Gavin has worked in the health and fitness industry for years and has worked on many different projects around the city. He’s worked as a strength and conditioning coach for Plymouth Argyle, been part of healthy living documentaries on the BBC and has been a huge part of the Herald Love Life campaign.

Students had their eyes opened to the different careers options within this industry, and the different pathways they could take to get involved.
For the second hour the students had a mixed martial arts masterclass, led by our very own World Mixed Martial Arts Champion, Mr Dalmedo.

 They were taught specific mixed martial arts moves, some of the moves looked very tricky! Miss Le Page

blow your mind pe crop 2

Year 11: Social Sciences

The group went to Plymouth University to take part in activities which allowed them to research sources and analyse data to gain an understanding of how areas in the city of Plymouth, such as the Barbican, Peverell, Mannamead and North Prospect, developed into the communities that they are today. They were also given a tour of the university's Social Sciences department. Miss Pearson

 blow your mind sixth form 1

Sixth Form - The Sciences

As part of a series of upcoming HAP projects myself and other Sixth Form HAP students were given the task of creating a polystyrene boat.
This task meant we had to take into account our engineering/creative minds to transform some boards of polystyrene into a boat.
We also had to add a working circuit that included a propeller to allow our boat to move.
This concept sounds amazing, and one would think that Sixth Form HAP students would have the best chance to create a prestigious structure that is both creatively diverse and practical. However…

The majority of our work did resemble a Year 2 geography lesson!

I was quite bewildered to the lack of creativity or logic that we showed it was not as apparent as one would assume and that is part of the reason that this type of activity is so important to learning. But in all seriousness, the session allowed us to further our creative skills as well as our knowledge about circuits. The session was also great as it gave us a different mind focus from A Levels and also allowed to us to have fun while learning!

 Robbie: Year 12 HAP student

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