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A group of  Year 7 students had a "fabulous" reward trip to the Eden Project  - read Miss Hill's report.

 At the start of College life in Year 7, students learnt about basic skills in their Geography lessons.

This scheme of work included learning how to read atlases and maps to locate continents, countries and oceans. 

This term they have progressed to learning about fantastic places and sights around the world such as the Aurora Borealis in Svalbard, the Totem Pole Stack in Tasmania, Glowing Beaches in the Maldives and Moving Rocks in Death Valley. 

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Students also learnt about the The Eden Project, one of the biggest visitor attractions here in the South West. - we took this opportunity to offer a reward trip to the Eden Project and take 24 students who were nominated by their Geography or Humanities teachers for great work and complying with the Stoke Damerel 6 in Social Science lessons, they were then drawn out of a hat.

The students had a fabulous day exploring the educational centre, outside gardens and biomes which enhanced their studies of Rainforests around the world and the Mediterranean. 

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The group  was fortunate to be able to climb up the skywalk in the tropical biome and receive a lecture at 100ft high.

The new canopy walkway was recently opened and it was fun to walk amongst the treetops and experience the weather of 36 degrees C with replica clouds - it was very hot and students got very wet!
The feedback from the group was so positive on the return journey and Mr Campion and I would like to offer the trip to more students in the future.

Robbie: The skywalk view was the most interesting, we learnt that Bear Grylls abseiling down from it when it was first open.
Isabelle: I have learnt that Eden used to be a clay mine and now there are over 1,500 species of plants in the rainforest biome.
Bethany: I have learnt that sometimes you have to face your fears (referring to climbing up the skywalk).
Miss Hill added: we learnt that the staff at the Eden Project are working with designers in China to build an even bigger attraction out there to help with their environment issues, who fancies an international fieldtrip to ‘China Eden’?!

Miss Hill - Social Sciences curriculum assistant

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