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In English, we adapted a two-week scheme of work for Year 9.

Over the course of two lessons we presented students with information relating to dementia, as well as having guest speakers talk to selected classes.

In the lessons that followed, students worked in small groups to prepare their own presentation entitled, ‘What is Dementia?’.

Approximately 240 students from 10 English classes participated in our part of the project.

Each group gave their presentation to their class teacher and the best group was put forward to a final competition.

Ten groups presented to guest judges as well as SMT and our project lead at SDCC. The judges selected three winning groups from the 10, who were awarded prizes for their performances.

The project was meaningful because it contributed to a Speaking and Listening GCSE grade for each student.

In addition, students were encouraged to talk about family members or friends who have/had dementia, encouraging a greater awareness and removing some of the stigma associated with dementia.

We worked with the whole of year 9 and presentations were of a good quality.

This was helped by the fact that we added value to the task itself by incorporating it as part of the GCSE speaking and listening grade.

One of the most rewarding things from my point of view was how freely students were able to discuss their own experiences of dementia – they shared true stories about family and friends without judgement, answering questions posed by other students.

The atmosphere was one of positivity and understanding.

Lauren Gill, English Teacher


DSC 0043

DSC 0043

DSC 0043