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In Health and Social Care the students in the Sixth Form carried out a wide range of activities that broadened their understanding of Health and Social Care.

In Year 12 our students completed a Level 3 assessed piece of coursework based on Dementia Care.

This unit focused on the different types of dementia, the legislation that protects those with dementia and their carers and also looked at the different types of support available from professionals who work with individuals with Dementia.

Two students from the Year 12 class were also involved in the launch of the Dementia Project, where they went and spoke to Angela Rippon and other guests about their work and shared their learning and understanding of the topic.

It's been a privilege to be part of this project, it's opened doors for me and I'm seriously considering a career in dementia care
Colleen, Year 13

The year 13 students and three students from the year 12 class carried out a series of visits to Waypoints Care Home.

The students worked one-to-one with residents in the care home and produced memory boards to place in their rooms to help them remember important features of their lives.

All the students thoroughly enjoyed taking part in these activities and gained a lot of knowledge and experience around the topic.

One student in particular has a relative with dementia and she was able to use what was being taught in lessons to educate her family on caring for the relative.

As a department we cover many different topics and decided this year to include the Dementia Unit into our Level 3 plan and this is now embedded into the Level 3 course as a mandatory unit that all our students will complete within their two years .

 Gemma Blackmore-Cattran, Health and Social Care Teacher, Stoke Damerel Community College

I would say to anyone wanting to take part: go for it. You have to be willing and you need to put in the effort but it's really rewarding
Emily, Year 13