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The Dementia Project was supported by Religious Studies. 

This was done through a module studied at GCSE.  The module was about the elderly and the problems they face, hence dementia. 

Students investigated agencies which helped to support dementia and then created a poster on what they discovered. 

Being part of the project resulted in contact with people who suffered with dementia.  We invited a lady in and she talked about the impact dementia had on her and on her family.

The project gave students a wide range of support and knowledge about dementia which also assisted them in their exam as there was a question on the topic. 

Sixty students were part of the project and all students enjoyed working as a team and were engaged in the tasks they completed. 

Students changed their views on people who suffered from dementia.

The project also helped to give students a fuller understanding of the impact dementia has on the family and society.

Ally Howle, Teacher of Humanities