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 This page is full of links, past papers and revision tips to make sure you do the very best you can in your examinations.


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GCSE Exam Dates:

Your Maths GCSE Exams are on:

Thursday 4 June 2015 - Non calculator
Monday 8 June 2015 - Calculator


Revision Tips:

•    Use Maths Watch daily – it’s easier to watch one video at a time than try to watch them all in a rush later on
•    Practice, Practice, Practice! You can’t learn maths by reading it, you learn by doing it
•    Don’t just practise the topics you can do – avoiding difficult topics will not help in the long run.
     The sooner you tackle it, the quicker it will get sorted
•    Find a study buddy – it's best to have someone who motivates you and encourages you to keep going
     Set each other challenges to complete each night even if you are studying different topics
•   Take regular breaks – you need to set small rewards for studying
•    Practice working in timed conditions – it will help you develop your exam technique


Past papers for you to download:


June 2012 Foundation Paper 1

June 2012 Foundation Paper 2

June 2013 Foundation Paper 1

June 2013 Foundation Paper 2

June 2014 Foundation Paper 1

June 2014 Foundation Paper 2

November 2012 Foundation Paper 1

November 2012 Foundation Paper 2

February 2013 Foundation Paper 1

March 2013 Foundation Paper 2

November 2013 Foundation Paper 1

November 2013 Foundation Paper 2



 June 2012 Higher Paper 1

June 2012 Higher Paper 2

June 2013 Higher Paper 1

June 2013 Higher Paper 2

June 2014 Higher Paper 1

June 2014 Higher Paper 2

November 2012 Higher Paper 1

November 2012 Higher Paper 2

February 2013 Higher Paper 1

March 2013 Higher Paper 2

November 2013 Higher Paper 1

November 2013 Higher Paper 2