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 The College's first ever Modern Britain Council - made up of students from Years 7 and 8 - has had its inaugural meeting.

"Modern Britain is a new curriculum subject introduced at Key Stage 3 for students to understand British values in today's society," explained Mrs Burn who, along with Mr Campion, co-ordinates Modern Britain in the College.  

"Students will have the opportunity to study a range of topics which cover Diversity, Tolerance, Democracy, Mutual Respect, Rule of Law and Enterprise. 

"We decided to set up a council to ensure our students had a way of raising awareness of the ideas in Modern Britain and to empower them to promote the issues raised within the College and its community."

modern britain 1

"Students have recently studied Democracy and followed the basic election rules to vote for their Modern Britain Council members.

"Years 7 and 8 went through the process of putting themselves forward for election, compiling their manifestos and then asking their peers to vote for their chosen candidates.

"What better way of introducing the topic of democracy than holding a vote to decide who the council members would be."

The council - made up of nine students - will meet at least twice every term.

"We're not looking at boring stuff about celebrities," said Year 8 student Phoebe. "We are looking at real news and what is going on in the real world - it's going to be really interesting."

 Fellow council member Colbie said: "I'm looking forward to knowing more about what's going on in the world and exploring how diverse the world is."  

The council had their first meeting with Mrs Hannaford, Mrs Burn and Mr Campion in the College's conference room on 28 January 2016.

"They are looking at organising a Multicultural day involving the community, as well as developing a curriculum enhancement week trip based on the Modern Britain topics," said Mrs Burn.

"They are very excited to work on their objective of promoting Modern Britain at the College." 

Click HERE for the College's Modern Britain statement

 Stoke Damerel News Archive: Academic Year 2015/16



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