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Year 7 student Aimee made the news for real as part of BBC School Report - read all about how she became a BBC Spotlight presenter for the day.

"When Miss Radford announced that our school was doing a School Report for the BBC and my class could be involved, I knew I just couldn't pass up this opportunity.

Stoke Damerel Community College: BBC School Report 2016

Some of my classmates and I wrote an introduction for a report and read it in front of a camera.

Then Luq - who works for the BBC - looked at all of our introductions and picked four people to present at the BBC on School report News Day

Maisie,Daisy,Jack and I were chosen and I was delighted.

school report 16 crop 6                
I couldn't believe I was going to go to the BBC studios and sit in Victoria and Justin's chairs. It was going to be one of the greatest days of my life.

While the four of us were preparing ourselves for the studios, the rest of the class (including us) were writing up reports to go onto the our BBC School Report page on our school website.

Some of us wrote about curriculum enhancement week, some about sports, there were all sorts of ideas and they were all great.

school report 16 crop 7                

The reports were all written up and ready to be sent off to be edited for the websites.

I wrote my report about the netball fixtures and how our team work together to make one. I was very pleased with my report. Everybody's reports were great some of the reports even got filmed and put onto the school website like the one about Scott College an amazing new school being built for young people who want to work in the health industry.

There was also one about young carers and how Stoke Damerel Community College supports young carers but you can find out more about that on our school website.              

The day finally came. The day where the four of us go to the studios and have the best day of our lives. That day.

When I first entered the English classroom I was so excited. We worked on an exercise, pretending to be journalists. It was amazing we had to work until the deadlines and write a report as new information came in. It gave me a fair idea of how a real journalist would write. After the exercise we improved a brilliant piece of writing and presented it the front of the class where the best report was chosen to be displayed on the school website. Our group won.

It was time to leave and as soon as I stepped into the taxi a great big grin grew on my face.

school report 16 crop 5

The taxi pulled up outside the studios and we all jumped out and waited patiently in the reception until we met up with Luq who showed us to the BBC Radio Devon studios where we met Pippa and Matt (the radio presenters) who interviewed us in the studios.

After that Miss Radford told us that we had been invited to stay for the live show and I was so happy that I said to Daisy "I need a hug".

We had a tour of the studios and were showed all of the equipment which was very technical. We then shot our School Report  where Jack and I became presenters for a while, Maisie presented the weather and Daisy played a vital role behind the scenes, which was very fun. Next we got interviewed on the radio and then shot our live piece which was great.

When we were leaving we were all very sad because we had had such a great day here. We left the studios and I returned home with a huge smile on my face. I told my family about the wonderful day I had had and that it was one of the best days of my life (which it was).
In brief the BBC school news report was one of the best days of my life and one that I will never forget.

Thank you to Miss Radford for this opportunity. "

 Aimee, Year 7

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