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 ccf first look 5

The new recruits for the CCF were put through their paces with the First Look Exercise in October.


Mr Broomfield, the College's CCF co-ordinator wrote this account of the exercise:

. "This weekend I had the pleasure of taking 12 students to Tregantle Fort for CCF.

The weekend consisted of us surviving on basic rations where students had to cook for themselves.

Students had to sleep outside in the freezing cold and rain, but did not complain once.

Over the weekend the students had many activities and new opportunities given to them.

First of all, the students and I went onto the rifle range to shoot air rifles at small targets.

ccf first look 1

Special mention for Megan who was phenomenal and even won the shooting competition out of 30 cadets.

Afterwards students were given the chance to go power boating around the River Tamar and even take control of the boat. ccf first look 3

This was Shannon’s first time on a boat and she was very nervous, but by the end she had a big smile on her face and was glad she did it.

Finally they had to complete an escape and evasion task where they had to escape from the fort without being seen by the guards.

It was lovely to see these pupils excelling and enjoying themselves whilst learning.

ccf first look 2

The students represented themselves and the College faultlessly. They underpinned and demonstrated all of the Stoke Damerel 6 aims throughout the weekend.

This was not only recognised by me but by Plymouth College staff who said: “They are such nice kids with a brilliant attitude and are working well with the Plymouth College cadets.”

Well done to them all. "

ccf first look 4

Successful day for new CCF cadets

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