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Hundreds of students were transported to the battlefields of World War I and Mount Everest on Monday thanks to Google Expeditions.

The Google team came to the College for the day on 7 November to take students through a range of expeditions including transporting them to the Jazz Era and the North Pole.

Students equipped with Google Cardboard VR viewers go on expeditions with a teacher acting as a guide to lead groups of “explorers” through collections of 360° and 3D images while pointing out interesting sights along the way.

Staff from the College attended a training session before guiding 22 groups of students through a variety of virtual tours throughout the day.

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 One Year 7 student had his own special expedition; exploring the Great Barrier Reef up close.

Sean Moore's English teacher Mrs Hardie arranged the session for him after he wrote a "heart-warming and descriptive story"  about being able to breathe underwater.

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His 20 minute-long Google expedition - which was designed for Google by Sir David Attenborough - took him underwater to see the coral reef and afterwards he said it was "absolutely amazing".

"I really felt as if I was there," said Sean, 11.

"It was a very special lesson and I'll remember it for a long time. I really want to go and see the Great Barrier Reef for myself now." 

Media Studies teacher Mr Towers, who organised the event, took one of his classes into a newsroom environment for their Google Expedition before taking them for a swim with sharks.

"We are extremely grateful to the Google Expeditions team for coming to the College," said Mr Towers.

"It took our students to places and eras they wouldn't normally be able to access - a truly unique learning experience."

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Mr Towers said he is now considering investing in a set of Google Cardboard viewers for the College - recently every Sixth form student has been given a Chromebook to use and Google Classroom is also being rolled out across the College.

"The response from both students and staff has been so positive that we want to have more access to Google Expeditions," said Mr Towers.

"The potential to enhance learning is incredible."

Jennifer Holland, Program Manager, Google Expeditions said: "Expeditions is a powerful learning tool.

"It provides a unique opportunity for supplemental learning by giving students new ways of exploring the concepts and places they are studying.

"We've been thrilled to see teachers use Expeditions to bring abstract concepts to life and provide students with a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom, infusing learning with excitement and fun." 


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