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 blow your mind bowie 2

The second Blow Your Mind day for high-achieving pupils included creating a real-life social media campaign and a visit to a sports science laboratory.

 "We have introduced exciting new enrichment events this academic year for High Achieving Pupils (HAPs) called Blow Your Mind," explained Mrs Beacham, Assistant Vice Principal (HAPs).

"Each half term selected HAPs from each year group are working with a different department and do something they will not have the chance to do in normal lessons.

"All of the research shows that HAPs who have the enrichment opportunities of teambuilding, problem-solving, resource allocation, leadership and the like in a context that is outside of their normal experience will have improved aspirations and academic performance.

"Along the way we hope they will have a lot of fun as well!

"We had our second session on 2 February and it went incredibly well, the students were very involved in the activities and are looking forward to the next ones and this event is already becoming a much-anticipated event on the College calendar."

If you have any questions about HAPs or would like to get involved please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 blow your mind bowie 1

Sixth Form students were transformed from "Absolute Beginners" to "Heroes" during their Blow Your Mind session in English.

"The session studied the music, lyrics and chameleon-like persona of David Bowie to explore the power that words can have in expressing identity and real social issues of the day. After delving deep into the representation of social and political issues in Bowie's discography, we reflected and designed our own alter egos and evaluated whether the legacy Bowie created is still apparent in modern pop music. Miss Martens and I were very impressed with the thoughtful, mature and transparent responses by all students, who engaged unreservedly with all aspects of the workshop. In the true spirit of popularising culture, students took the main messages (and face paints) back to their peers and we are so very proud of their hard work and commitment as "they try to change their world" (Changes, David Bowie)" Mrs Hardie

blow your mind health1

Health and Social care held a Risk Assessment and Basic First Aid event. 
"We introduced risk assessment through graphic video footage of accidents which had happened due to risk assessments not being carried out properly in work settings. This led on to discussion of why this was important and the students completing a risk assessment of the environment they were in. They enjoyed looking for all the risks and hazards including trailing wires and water spillages and broken bottles amongst other things.

We then talked about how accidents happen and how basic first aid can help in emergency situations. The students learnt how to deal with the following:
Blow to the head
Panic attack
Unconscious person/recovery position

In the second hour a surprise incident was set up for the students, a student came in and announced there had been an accident and help was needed in the room next door. The students then realised they were the first aiders! Once over the surprise they went and dealt with the casualties and  they were great! Afterwards we talked through the scenarios and the students gave feedback as to how they felt dealing with the incident and if they felt more able to be able to deal with these situations in real life. It was a great event and the students were engaged and wanted to learn about basic first aid. They understood its importance and worked really well together to help people."

Mrs Carlson

 blow your mind health2

blow your mind maths 1

Maths in Sport
Students were set the challenge of finding out whether they were faster than Usain Bolt as well as carrying out an investigation to see pound for pound who is the fastest in the world.
They also had an insight into match analysis: analysing performances is a vital part of all professional sport.

blow your mind memory cafe 1

Moments Cafe Marketing Project

"What an amazing day! Our Year 10 high-achieving pupils once again used their creative minds to come up with some fantastic marketing campaign ideas - these ideas ranged from tantalising tweets to fabulous Facebook news feeds in order to involve young people in supporting a new cafe which is opening up in Plymouth city centre next month. The new Moments cafe is a cafe with a difference however! All of the profits go directly back into the company to support members of our community and their family and friends who are affected by dementia. Our students are the only school to be taking part in this advertising campaign and their imaginative ideas to encourage young people to use the venue will be incorporated into the advertising of the cafe in the coming months.

Many students commented that they felt privileged to be asked to be involved. Kate Smith the founder of the Moments cafe left our school with a huge smile on her face and ready to put the ideas our students pitched to her into reality. During the session, a Snapchat account was made and photos capturing the excitement which buzzed around the classroom were uploaded. Look out for the new opening cafe dates and visit - as one of the students commented: "We don't remember days, we remember moments."

Miss Pearson

blow your mind memory cafe 3

blow your mind memory cafe 2

blow your mind uni 1

Plymouth University Sports Science Laboratory visit

 "We took 30 year 9 students to Plymouth university, they had a 45 minute health lecture followed by a 45 minute fitness testing seminar in the Sports Science lab. The students got to have a taste of what it’s like to be a university student for the day."

Miss Le Page


blow your mind singing 1

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