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 Two Sixth form students have had the chance to take part in the "incredible" Lessons From Auschwitz project.

Rebecca and Shannon who are both in Year 12 went to Poland on 24 March 2015 where they spent the day at Auschwitz-Bikenhau.

 Miss Walters, who accompanied them, wrote this account of their experience:

"The project is designed to take two students from schools all over the country to learn about the events that happened in the Holocaust - the idea is that students then pass on their learning to others.  


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The students attended two seminars before going to Poland where they heard the survivor story from Ziggi Shipper who told of his life in the ghettos in Poland and his time inside and outside Auschwitz and surviving the Nazi regime.

 Ziggi's story was truly fantastic. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from a Holocaust survivor about his life inside the concentration camp.

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The seminars allowed discussion to take place about why the Nazis did what they did and to explain some of the things the students would see and experience in Auschwitz.

We all then travelled over to Poland and spent the whole day in Auschwitz-Bikenhau.

There the students had a guided tour of both Auschwitz One and Two.

Lessons From Auschwitz

There they saw what the living conditions were like in the camp, the gas chambers themselves, the sorting areas, the shower rooms, the experimentation labs, the railway tracks, the latrines and general camp life for the victims of the Holocaust.   

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Students also saw  the various photographs and items of personal belongings that had been taken away from the victims by the Nazis - for instance there were huge piles of human hair, shoes and suitcases.

At the end of the whole day in Auschwitz all the students from the various schools across the South West  took part in a remembrance ceremony where they remembered all those nameless and faceless victims who lost their lives in Auschwitz-Birkenhau. They also remembered those who had survived but whose lives had been radically altered.

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There the students each lit a memorial candle and placed them onto the railway tracks - tracks which were for many was the start of their journey of suffering. But for those students who were there, it was simply marked as a journey of remembrance. 

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 As part of the project the students need to pass on what they have learnt in Auschwitz in order to pass the message and the lessons on to others.

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The students are planning to visit Key Stage 3 lessons, set up a display in The Street and share their incredible message with others.

"Miss Walters

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