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Year 7 students got to question the author of the Ben Kingdom trilogy when he paid a visit to the College.

 Andrew Beasley has been a regular visitor to Stoke Damerel and came to speak to Year 7 students on 14 May 2015 about his latest Ben Kingdom adventure The City of Fear.

"Students at the College have been following the Battles of Ben Kingdom since Andrew’s first visit in 2013 to introduce students to some of his amazing characters," explained librarian Mrs Wrennall.

"The library was a real hub of excitement during lunchtime as students and staff alike queued to have their books signed by the author."

There was also a Library quiz which was won by Cole and Daniel while Lachlan and Alysia were deemed to have asked the author the best questions during his talk.

"There is always something special about a visit to SDCC"

Each lucky winner was awarded a copy of one of the Ben Kingdom books.

"As a teacher and dad, as well as an author, it is always a real pleasure to talk to young people about the sheer joy that you can find in reading and writing," said Andrew.

"I fell in love with the printed page at a very early age and it is my privilege to be in a position where I can fan that flame in others.

Beasley Visit Causes A Buzz

"I have never quite gotten over the excitement of being able to carry a world of imagination in my coat pocket and it is especially wonderful that my own books can now be found on library shelves, jostling for your students' attention.

"There is always something special about a visit to SDCC.

Battles of Ben Kingdom website

"Whether I am working with a small group or sharing with a whole assembly hall, I am always impressed by the young people I meet there. I am in no doubt that SDCC is a school in which imaginations can flourish, dreams are nurtured and books are celebrated. Thank you so much for inviting me."

 Lachlan said it had been "really interesting" to meet Andrew and talk to him about his books.

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 "I've read the first two books and they're really good," said Lachlan.

"It was much more interesting than I thought it would be, he told us all about his life and why he became a writer as well as about writing the actual books.

"I'm really looking forward to reading the one I've won."

 Mrs Wrennal said fans of Andrew’s books were "desperate" to find out more about his next book.

"Details are being jealously guarded by the publishers," said Mrs Wrennall.

"No amount of pleading would encourage Andrew to reveal the plot but he did tease us with the suggestion that his next books would again be set in Victorian England. We will have to wait and see…"

Author Visit Inspires Challenge Club

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