Stoke Damerel Community College -  Covid-19 (Staff)

The HR team will be the first point of contact for staffing issues and concerns during the delay phase and consequent closure of the college as a result of the Coronavirus.  

The purpose of this is to manage and direct the flow of staffing related information to ensure everyone receives the correct and most up to date advice possible in respect of the ongoing situation. 

Information will be shared with the appropriate member of the senior leadership team and then cascaded down and passed up via line management and departmental chains.


Contact details to be used for emergency/routine reporting are:


Tel: 01752 284108


Email, telephone call and voicemail messages will be monitored regularly by the HR team who will respond within an appropriate time scale relevant to the situation being reported.

Staff should make first contact with the HR team in the following circumstances:

  1. Report if you have received a positive diagnosis of the virus

  2. Report a positive diagnosis of the virus within your family and/or social circle with whom you have been in contact and when this contact occurred;

  3. Report a suspected cases of the virus

  4. Advise of self isolation

  5. Advise of any significant incidents within your family

  6. Report if you are sick in addition to any Coronavirus symptoms

  7. First point of contact for any staffing issues including payroll, leave or other contractual questions.


All staff are asked to monitor emails and the school website for regular school wide updates.  Should you not have access to email, please inform the HR team as soon as possible so that we can keep you updated.  Please ensure that you have provided the HR team with your most up to date contact information.

Social media forums which promote disinformation, speculation and panic amongst the community, can be dangerous and particularly unhelpful when trying to manage difficult situations.  This is why we want to let you know that HR staff are available to respond to your questions and concerns and will endeavour to support you through this uncertain time. Please be aware that any sensitive or personal information around the Covid-19 virus that you share on any social media platform could constitute a breach of the DPA 2018 under GDPR regulations. 

Please do keep us informed of any change in circumstances so that we can keep the lines of communication open.