Education (Covid19)

In the event of self-isolation or closure we are dedicated to ensuring that all students still have access to an excellent education. 

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Summer Term Timetables

Click on the relevant Year Group to access an interactive timetable for the Summer Term

Summer Term Home Learning Timetable

Year 10 and Year 12 - just added new interactive summer term timetables - click on the documents above to access your lessons and other resources


Click on the Fun Friday logo below to go to our dedicated Fun Friday Page:

Our Fun Friday Video will appear hear at 9am on Friday and on our dedicated Fun Friday page.

Fun Friday 3 July 2020


Year 7, 8 and 9 Subject Quizzes here every Friday from 9am

(they can also be found on the Year Group Google Classrooms)

Year 7 Friday Quiz 10 July 2020

Year 8 Friday Quiz 10 July 2020

Year 9 Friday Quiz 10 July 2020


Click on the Best Work logo below to see a selection of some of the best work produced by our students:


Subject Support Helpdesk

Having difficulty with your work in English, Geography or History?

Use the relevant form below to ask for help:

Year 7 or Year 8 English

Year 7 or Year 8 Geography

Year 7 or Year 8 History

Year 9 or Year 10 English

Year 9 or Year 10 Geography

Year 9 or Year 10 History




Blank self-quizzing sheets and a guide to self-quizzing

Self Quizzing Blank Sheets

Self Quizzing Guide


Knowledge Organisers

Cycle 4

Year 7 Cycle 4

Year 8 Cycle 4

Year 9 Cycle 4

Year 10 Cycle 4


Cycle 3

Year 7 Cycle 3

Year 8 Cycle 3

Year 9 Cycle 3

Year 10 Cycle 3

Year 11 Cycle 3


Cycle 2

Year 7 Cycle 2

Year 8 Cycle 2

Year 9 Cycle 2

Year 10 Cycle 2

Year 11 Cycle 2


Cycle 1

Year 7 Cycle 1

Year 8 Cycle 1

Year 9 Cycle 1

Year 10 Cycle 1

Year 11 Cycle 1

Here is a video which explains how to self quiz:



Reading every day is an important activity for every student.  You can access a variety of books and e-books via your interactive timetable at the top of this page.  There are links to the tutor reading programme, reading follow up activities, free audio books from Audible and The Day free daily newspaper.  You can also access our library of e-books - further details below.


College e-reader

To keep up with your daily reading target you can use our College e-reader subscription from smart phones and devices at home. There are over 1000 titles to choose from, each with information about the genre and reading age.
You will need to download the app to read the titles but you can manage your book loans on a PC. Search for 'wheelers' in the app store. It will appear as e-reader wheelers. Once downloaded you will be asked to search for a library; type in 'stoke damerel'. 
You will need to 'sign in' to start reading. Use your College email address and password for this.


How to access Google Classroom

  1. Go to and sign in with their school email address and password.  
  2. Click on the 9 dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  This is a shortcut to all of the Google Apps.  Among them will be Google Classroom.  Click on this.
  3.  In Google Classroom the student will see any Google Classrooms they have been invited to join.  Click join.
  4. Students can also click the '+' sign and then input the class code to join that particular class.  Most of the codes for the College Google Classrooms can be found on the school website here:


Google Classroom Joining Codes

Most classes at Stoke Damerel Community College have a Google Classroom to enable students to work in College and at home. For those students who have not yet joined their Google Classroom the class joining codes are below.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11 into 12 Transition

Year 12


We hope that despite this unfortunate set of circumstances you can work with us to ensure your child isn’t affected in a negative manner.  

For general enquiries regarding your child’s education please contact the appropriate Learning Manager;

Learning Manager Post 16

Mr M Tinkler

Learning Manager Year 11

Mr S Gill

Learning Manager Year 10

Ms K Lewis

Learning Manager Year 9

Mr J Ward

Learning Manager Year 8

Mrs S Bevin

Learning Manager Year 7

Ms L MacManus

Vice Principal

Mr C Follett










These are the leads for each year team within each subject and their email address.  Please contact them for issues relating to specific work within each year group: