10 November 2013

Plymouth's Festival of Lights takes place this month including giant lanterns made by students from Stoke Damerel Community College

The 26 Year 8 students took part in a two-day workshop with Stiltskin Creative Arts and Theatre Company and created four lanterns; a Christmas tree with a star, an angel, Father Christmas and a dove.

"We just started with a bundle of sticks and tape," explained Iain Slade from Stiltskin."It's amazing what they've done in just two days."

Caitlin, who worked on the Christmas tree lantern, said she thought it was "brilliant". She said the workshop had been "really fun".

"I hope I can take part in the actual parade," she added.

The lanterns will now be coated with a strong PVA glue to make them weather-proof and LED lights and high-powered torches will be fitted ahead of the parade.

The parade takes place on 14 November 2013 and will feature 18 spectacular giant lanterns and 200 hand-lanterns all made by local school children.

The parade - which marks the start of the countdown to Christmas - will start its figure-of-eight route around the city centre from the bottom of Cornwall Street  and wend its way through Drake Circus finishing at the Reindeer Pen on Frankfort Gate.

"It is fantastic to see the pupils working together as a team, producing artwork on this large scale," said Mr Stephens, subject leader for Art and Textiles.

"The pupils were eager to do the best they could because the work was going to be used in a parade seen by the whole city.

 "Working together on a community project has given the pupils an extra sense of pride in their work and has helped to develop their interpersonal skills. Well done to them!”

Creating lanterns for Christmas parade

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