15 November 2013

A visitor from the Dementia 4 Schools initiative said he was "bowled over" by the work going on at Stoke Damerel Community College to make it a dementia-friendly school.

 Eddy McDowall from the Health & Social Care Partnership travelled from Oxford on 14 November 2013 to spend the day at the College to find out more about the way dementia education has been embedded in the curriculum over the past year.

He even joined in a game of croquet with Year 7 students and a group of elderly visitors.

"I was just bowled over by the range and enthusiasm of the project," said Mr McDowall.

"You can see it in the faces of the pupils and the teachers, it is clear that it is absolutely embedded in the school ethos.

"This is really a stand-out school in this project - the school already has a focus on the health of the local population and this is a fantastic extension of that community health message."

As well as a game of croquet Mr McDowall met students involved in the project and was shown examples of their work.

"It was a great opportunity to share our work on dementia with the person co-ordinating dementia education work across the country," said Mr Towers, who leads the College’s dementia project.

"He was very impressed with the work that we are doing and just how knowledgeable and caring our students are. 

"We have been told that we are leading dementia education, with a unique vision and approach by incorporating dementia education across the curriculum. 

"We look forward to helping other schools and colleges take their first steps in dementia education across the coming year."

The College has set up a new microsite showcasing its dementia work so it can easily be shared with other schools who want to become involved with similar projects.

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