22 November 2013

Chloe and Georgie took over the College website as part of the Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day and updated this page all day - take a look...

The entire takeover team poses for a photograph with Mrs Hannaford at the end of a busy day

Takeover Day final update:

More than 40 students have been working as teachers, catering assistants and even the College principal today as part of the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day.

In addition to roles as teachers in the Dance, English and Science departments a student news crew from SDCC TV has been filming everyone at work in their new jobs while Chloe and Georgie have been running the College website and updating this special Takeover Day page throughout the day.

Chloe, who is in Year 8, said it had been “exciting and fun.”

“The best bit has been posting our interviews on the website and getting to talk to so many different people. I’ve really enjoyed it, I’d love to do it again next year.”

Georgie is in Year 7 and said Takeover Day had been “a good experience.”

“I’ve had lots of fun doing it - I’ve especially enjoyed taking all the pictures for the webpage and then learning how to update the website.”    

Mrs Porch, the College’s careers co-ordinator said: “This year we had nearly 150 applications for 44 placements, we support this national campaign because it invests in the development of young people.

“Creating employability skills for young people is crucial to future successes and for our students to achieve employment in the future.”

Takeover Day update 8 by Chloe (Year 8):

2pm: Kristina is in Year 10 and has been the College display co-ordinator with Miss Arrowsmith today creating a mini-exhibition at Reception about a day in the life of Stoke Damerel.

"Her brief was to notice the unnoticed," explained Miss Arrowsmith.

"She has done a brilliant job and it's been really good to get a different perspective on creative ideas.

"I would recommend taking part in Takeover Day to anyone thinking about it for next year."

Takeover Day update 7 by Chloe (Year 8):

1.15pm: After lunch Georgie and I interviewed Lauren, Shannon and Miss Isaac, who is one of the College's receptionists. Miss Isaac said it was fun to have someone around and someone to talk to.

Shannon, who is in Year 10, said it had been "very busy" at student reception. She also said that she thinks that the rest of the day would be calmer than this morning.

Lauren, Year 8, said the morning had been fine. She also said that she's been very busy trying to do her new job.

Update 6: Takeover Day students had the rare privilege of having their lunch in the staff room today

Takeover Day update 5 by Chloe (Year 8):

12pm: This time Georgie and I spoke to Mr Weekes, the College first aider, and his Takeover Day student Elle.

Elle said:" I think that it is exciting to be a first aid assistant, because I get to learn about how to treat patients and about medical equipment".

So far today they have had 12 patients to be seen to "I think that the day is going to calm down though,"  said Elle.

Mr Weekes said: "The day has been good so far and Elle is a great help". He added that she has been helping him see to patients and helping with the supplies.

Takeover Day update 4 by Georgie (Year 7):

11.50: I popped in to check on Kira and Mrs Gill again but this time they were teaching a Year 11 class.

Kira judged the class a 9 out of 10 and stated that they were brilliant in class. Kira also said it was great fun helping out Mrs Gill with her remarkable teaching day!

Takeover Day update 3 by Chloe (Year 8):

11.15: At the last part of Period 2 we interviewed Miss Hawkey and Cai-Leigh.

Cai-Leigh said that the first part of the day had been fun and exciting. Cai-Leigh also thinks that the day is going to turn out well but she is also nervous about third period because she has to help teach a joint BTEC Year 9 class, which is a year higher than her.

Miss Hawkey says that Cai-Leigh has been a great help to her class and thinks that the rest of the day is going to be very busy but also very good with her help.

Takeover Day update 2 by Chloe (Year 8):

10.45: I interviewed Mrs Gill and Kira who is in Year 7.

Mrs Gill said that she thinks that having a Takeover Day student is "absolutely brilliant", because the students get some experience in doing what they want to be when they grow up. Next period Kira is going to help Mrs Gill teach a Year 11 class: "It is nerve-wracking, because I'm helping to teach a higher year than me!"

Takeover Day update 1 by Georgie (Year 7):

9.30am: We went into the principal's office to see what they're up to once we were there we met another important person named Colin Searls, his job is the Chair of Governors.

Poppy and Louis were taking the roles of the principal of the college today, Mrs Hannaford calls them ''junior principals''.

Mrs Hannaford proudly stated that she loves the company of students helping her with her job for the day.

Becky is taking the role of Mrs Griffiths for the day - she found out that the College has a whole calendar for visitors including a group of Japanese and Americans who are coming to visit on 12 December.

Becky stated: ''It's a very good experience.''

Takeover Day takes off

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