27 November 2013

Year 7 students have been treated to an impressive demonstration of BMX stunts by a two-time Guinness World Record holder.

 Flatland BMX pro Matti Hemmings gave the group of 70 students an "amazing" display on 27 November 2013.

"Starting with the basic tricks he showed them how to work up to incredibly difficult stunts that took months of practice to get right," explained Ryan Evans, Plymouth's Sustrans Bike It Plus officer, who organised the event.

"He also took time to answer questions and talked about how, with hard work and discipline, he was able to turn his hobby of BMX riding into a full-time job that has taken him all over the world and on the Olympic torch parade."

Students even got the chance to try out some tricks themselves and Year 7 student Evie said it had been "really good".

"It was quite funny to have someone on a bike in our hall!" she said.

And fellow student Grace said she "really liked" watching the tricks too.

Matti said he really enjoyed spending the afternoon at the College.

"It was amazing," he said.

"I hope they got the message I was trying to get across which is that practice makes perfect and you should always try to follow your own path."

Tags: News: Academic Year 2013-14