6 March 2019

Two A Level students staged a performance of Jim Cartwright's play Two - you can watch an excerpt of it below.

"The production was the final practical exam for the Year 13 students - in designing the piece they decided to set up the pub with the audience sitting at tables as if they were in the play itself - indeed at one point Alex, in character as Moth, sat at one table and chatted up (with little success!) a member of the audience," said Drama teacher Ms Garratt.

"It was a great moment of audience participation and brought a lot of a laughter. At other times you could hear a pin drop such was the tension created by the actors.

"We are very proud of both Joe and Alex who, together, created high-quality theatre and a special thank you must go to Ellie-Ann in Year 14 who performed with them," added Ms Garratt.


"I loved how the play uses humour to make dramatic and poignant moments more effective. Playing the landlord I wanted to convey the more subtle aspects of him such as the repression of emotion and how he used alcohol as coping mechanism."





"My challenge was to create a diverse range of characters (four in total) and act in scenes that were both comic and, at times hard-hitting. I really enjoyed working on this piece of theatre and am so proud of what we achieved."