8 May 2019

The Geography team were recently invited to Michael Chequer's BBC Devon evening programme to take part in a general knowledge quiz against Radio Cornwall.

Mr Campion, Mr Bray, Ms Freeman and Mrs Osmaston answered 16 questions and won!

Listen to the programme HERE

"We met at the studios, waited in the Green Room to calm our nerves and were then taken into the high tech studio.

The topics included monsters, wizards and planets.  At one point it was neck and neck then the Radio Cornwall team got two wrong so we won.  After the quiz Michael chatted on air with the Geography team and we discussed Stoke Damerel Community College and how hard our students have been working. 

Mr Campion and Mr Bray talked about how they have both done the London Marathon (different years), Ms Freeman talked about her links with the Royal Navy and Mrs Osmaston talked about a fundraising event she had been involved in which raised £13,000 for a local charity. "

Mrs Osmaston