15 May 2019

At the start of each day tutors are reading classic texts to students as they follow in their own copy of the book. This not only allows students to improve their knowledge of classic literature, but also improves their range of vocabulary and comprehension of challenging texts.

We've been asking tutor groups to tell us what they are enjoying about the books they are reading which range from To Kill A Mockingbird to Private Peaceful.

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Miss Seshan's Year 9 tutor group have been reading Macbeth - here's what they had to say:


Jeremiah: At first I thought it was quite old fashioned but it's been helpful to read it, Macbeth was my favourite character

James: Hearing it read out loud really helps with the pronunciation of some of the more complicated Shakespearean words

Leni: I liked the dialogue - Lady Macbeth was my favourite character