25 September 2019

There were amazing smells coming from the Hall when the Commando Chef team from the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines set up a field kitchen to give students a cookery demonstration.
Students in Years 9 and 10 who are undertaking Hospitality and Catering were treated to a demonstration of how to make a breakfast smoothie and a chicken dish. "Col Sgt Beaton explained the importance of using fresh ingredients and not wasting food," said Careers and Employability Manager Mrs Trezona."He talked about hidden sugar in energy drinks and demonstrated the amount of sugar in energy drinks."
He also talked about career opportunities within the Royal Marines and Royal Navy and his own career path."It was brilliant," said Year 13 student Jessica."He gave us a wider understanding of how eating healthily can improve your whole day. It was also fascinating to hear about all the different jobs in the navy."

Col Sgt Beaton said it was "great" speaking to our students. "We were open and honest with some banter. I believe it’s the only way. Food to storytell, food to educate."