16 March 2020

Sixth form student Emma is spoilt for choice after being offered places on FIVE different degree courses!
Emma is about to complete her Level 3 BTEC Diploma Course in Digital Media, which she has been studying for two years at training provider South West Arts Warehouse (SWAW), alongside her sixth form studies here at the College.
Emma admits she faces a tough choice. Among the five offers are courses at Plymouth College of Art (BA Hons,  Animation and Games) and The University of Plymouth (BA Hons, Game Arts and Design): “I haven’t made my mind up yet - but it’s nice to have so many options,” she said.
As part of her BTEC studies, Emma has made her own unique digital games and created animated films. The game she has just finished designing is, in her own words “virtually impossible to play”. Emma said: “The target audience is for teenagers and I’ve made it as difficult as possible! There are obstacles everywhere.”
She added: “I have enjoyed my BETEC course because I have got to work with new types of software such as Audacity, Construct 2, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have been able to improve my skills in this software and learn new techniques that will be useful on my chosen university course.
“It has also allowed me to practise analysing and evaluating my own artwork, conveying the formal elements of art, which I struggled to do with my art GCSE.  I have liked the fact that the course covered a number of different mediums and topics such as human computer interfaces and computer game design, as well as practising and researching the basic traditional techniques and methods of art and design.
“And it has just been really nice to meet like-minded artistic, creative people - and people who are also interested in games and animation, like me.”
The game design process includes creating most of the assets in the background as well as the artistic elements, so it incorporates science, technology and the arts: “I have enjoyed everything on the course, but game design is my favourite part, as well as animation - I’m trying to work in the style of Aardman Animations,” said Emma, who has had some of her work exhibited at the Royal William Yard.
Emma is looking forward to university but said: “I will miss the College. The sixth form staff have been very supportive, and taking the vocational route was definitely the right decision for me. This course will give me a good start and hopefully an advantage at university, because I will already have some of the skills.”  
Emma's skills and determination helped her to overcome the challenges of disability and achieve her goals. Company Director at SWAW, Mel Morrell, said: “Her tenacity is amazing! She has been fantastic and there is lots of scope for her as she moves on to Higher Education and her career. Whichever course she chooses, she will be up and running as soon as she gets there.”
Emma already has designs of her own, when it comes to her future: “I would love to be part of a games design company, that would be my ideal job.”
Several of our sixth formers attend courses at SWAW at Faraday Mill. As well as art & design and digital media courses, the students also learn the social skills that will help them do well at university and in the workplace.   
Well done to all of our students who have excelled at SWAW this year.