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Stoke Damerel Community College

Class of 2022 students achieve outstanding GCSE results!

Congratulations to all our Class of 2022 Year 11s on their GCSE results, which have been achieved through their extraordinary hard work and resilience.

We are delighted and proud to say that we have seen some amazing results this year - all the more amazing, considering that these students had their studies disrupted by the pandemic.

Several of our students achieved results well over 8, and others had results approaching 8. It was lovely to see so many of our students in College to collect their results - and there were lots of happy faces.

Mr Ward, Head of Year 11, said: "Today's results day is the end of a phenomenal journey for the class of 2022. They have had to cope with a global pandemic and were taught via online learning for a total of 10 months during the most crucial time of their education. I could not be prouder of all the students for the efforts they put into their exams.

"The whole Class of 2022 have shown a remarkable degree of resilience during the last few years and today is the culmination of all their hard work. Well done to every single one of them. I wish them all the best for the future, and we look forward to seeing some of them continue their studies with us in the Sixth Form.

"Special congratulations to Leon and Kundia for their results as our top students. However, both Lana and Amina need recognition as well, because they worked tirelessly to achieve their results. The time and effort they put into their preparation was incredible - they constantly asked for past papers and would spend extra time with their teachers to ensure they both achieved outstanding results."

Take a look at some of our star students

Leon was our top performing student. He could not hide his joy: "I’m so happy! I haven’t had much sleep waiting for today but I am so relieved now. My parents are proud too. I thought I would get 4/5’s, I never expected to get all 8/9’s! I tried my hardest and revised thoroughly and put the work in. I’m so pleased it paid off."

Leon is going on to study A levels in Further Maths, Computer Sciences, Maths and Physics.


Maddison also had good cause to celebrate: "I am so shocked but so happy. I can’t believe I got
the results I did! I did work really hard and sacrificed going out in order to study on the lead up to the exams. All that work was worth it." 

Maddison will now study A-levels in History, Psychology, English Literature.


Morgane also skipped evening activities to study for her exams and was another of our top
students: "Wow, I’m so happy! I can now breathe easily and enjoy celebrating with my friends and family."

Morgane is going on to study A Levels including Biology and Geography)


Daniel said: "I’m very pleased. I am now going to stay on and do my A Levels at Stoke.”

Daniel is going on to study A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.

Cody had to pinch himself when he saw his results: "I can't believe it! I’m happy, relieved, and shocked all at the same time! It was definitely worth sacrificing going out so that I could focus on my studies before the exams."