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Stoke Damerel Community College

National poetry day- our new Poet Laureate!​​​​​​​

Congratulations to Sophie, our New Poet Laureate!

On National Poetry Day, Stoke Damerel held a whole school election in order to choose the new Poet Laureate for 2022/2023. Students from all years had the opportunity to write a poem to enter the competition. There were a number of excellent entries from which three finalists were selected by a panel of judges. 

It was a close competition between the three shortlisted candidates - all who produced thoughtful, well-crafted poems on the theme of 'The Environment' - but in the end, Sophie’s poem won the vote. 

Sophie, our new Poet Laureate said, "I am delighted! I spent hours writing this poem and even restarted it twice! I put a lot of time and effort into this, and I'm so pleased my hard work paid off. I love writing poems, It gives me the chance to express myself and process my emotions in a creative and subtle way. I love coming up with poems in my spare time, it lets my mind run wild!

"I'm looking forward to being this year's Poet Laureate and hope I can make a difference and encourage other students to express themselves through poetry."

Ms Ekpoffiong, Literacy Coordinator, said: “I am extremely proud of all the entries and the time, effort and care that was taken to produce each one. The poems focused on different aspects of our environment and how we can make positive changes in order to save it. Our poets demonstrated a high level of maturity and understanding as they reflected on serious issues whilst still being able to send positive messages about appreciating the natural beauty of our world.”

Mrs Henderson, Director of English, said, "It’s great to experience the buzz which surrounds the choosing of the new poet laureate and to listen to staff and students discuss the various merits of the poems. It’s also encouraging to see that poetry continues to be a form that young people can engage with and enjoy."

Last year, Molly enjoyed the prestigious position of Poet Laureate, and this year we are certain that Sophie will enjoy it just as much.  

Our Wonderful World, By Sophie

Waterfalls weaving gracefully through the rocks below

Daisies, poppies and cornflowers dancing in a meadow.

Shades of hazel, auburn and gold leaves cascading from trees

Fields of wheat and corn swaying in the breeze.


Spring brings Easter, little lambs and yellow daffodils too. 

Summer delivers barbecues, sandy beaches and skies of blue.

Autumn is growing pumpkins and wearing warm woolly shawls 

Winter is Christmas trees decked in tinsel and watching snow fall.


Caterpillars emerging as beautiful butterflies, learning how to fly

Cheery, chirping songbirds reciting their delightful lullaby.

Foxes scurrying stealthily across deep emerald forest floors

Bears searching ravenously for food on all fours. 


This is our wonderful world, and we must look after it.