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Student Council update

The Student Council year groups met once again this term to discuss all areas of school life.

Students discussed results of a survey many had completed to find out more information on safety, with the consensus being that students felt safe in school and received additional learning about how to keep themselves safe outside of school.

They then had a chance to share ideas of how to improve aspects across the campus. The points raised were really constructive and there were some great ideas to help to improve certain aspects. The leadership team have been able to implement some changes and look into others over coming weeks.

Any students wishing to contribute can do so via their tutor council books or speaking directly to their representatives.

What we've done

Stoke Damerel Student Councils have spoken passionately about road safety and how often they feel unsafe due to inconsiderate driving and parking. We have spent time with a small working party and ordered some new traffic control equipment often found outside smaller or primary schools. These will be placed where students feel are dangerous in order to promote safety and raise awareness.

In addition, students have provided ideas for the new menu to be released in line with the opening of the new canteen and asked for opportunities to venture abroad leading to staff organising three residentials that have been released this week.

Year 11 students were extremely positive about the fact there is now a paper copy of each revision guide for each subject they study and shared how they have been using them.

Students wanted more discussions and information over areas such as equal rights and for us to talk more openly about minority groups. Subsequently, we have put on assemblies around 'young carers', transgender and an assembly on human rights - a topic openly discussed in the press recently with the world cup in Qatar.