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CCF learn about Weapons Handling

Over the past few months, our cadets have been learning how to name all the parts of the SA82 GP rifle, strip and clean them and most importantly how to safely handle them.
After completing their Weapons Handling Test last week they earned the privilege of testing out their marksmanship skills on the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) at Bickleigh Barracks. This is a computerised version of an e-firing range, which allows cadets to hone their skills in safety without the pressures of the cold temperatures and weather.
This will ready them for their first blank firing exercise on Dartmoor in a few weeks time. Exercise Second Glance will also involve the cadets sleeping out overnight and moving as a team while safely using their weapon system.
Charlie, Head of CFF at SDCC said, "This is a great opportunity for all cadets, especially the younger cadets who won't have had much experience in handling rifles. The DCCT is the nearest thing we experience to being in a real life fire fight with technology that follows where we fire and tracks our performance. It enables us to become more confident with a rifle and how to use them properly and confidently."