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Stoke Damerel Community College

Students visit the Houses of Parliament

Students from KS3 had the exciting opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament this week.

Students left Plymouth early in the morning to arrive in the sunny capital of the City of London, ready to visit parliament. The students were lucky to observe the Speaker of the House arriving from his chambers to walk through the lobby area of Parliament to open up the afternoon session in the House of Commons.

Michael Gove, Levelling Up Secretary for the Government was debating the UK housing situation and then Suella Braverman, Home Secretary for the Government began her debate on immigration. Both debates went across to the opposition benches with passion and heated comments - an exact portrait of what we see on Prime Ministers Question Time every Wednesday at 12.30pm. 

Students were so excited that after their lessons looking at democracy and how we use debates to get our views across, they were actually seeing it happen in real life. This experience for the students was invaluable to help them with their learning of the British Values. 

Students then took part in a Rule of Law workshop where they had their very own debating session on making a new law.  Their law was about reducing the need for petrol and diesel cars in the UK. Students took on the role play and became the Government in power and the other students were the opposition. A very good debating session took place and some excellent arguments for and against the new proposed law. The Government won but only by a narrow count! 

To finish the workshop off, our local MP, Luke Pollard attended and gave a Q and A session on what it is like to be an MP. Students asked challenging questions about his role, as well as questions like, what he does for Plymouth and does he see himself as PM one day?

It was a super day with students exploring the British values of Democracy and Rule of Law and fun was had by all!