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Stoke Damerel Community College

Students interview a Crown Court Judge

Students had a great opportunity to interview a Crown Court Judge from the judiciary system of the UK about Modern Britain and the Rule of Law.

HHJ Peter Johnson visited the students from KS3, 4 and 5 and gave them a scenario to work on, which allowed them to act out a court case.

Students were able to take various roles which portrayed a crime of supplying drugs with the intent to sell to the wider public. The students were brilliant actors all round with KS3 taking the starring roles as prosecutors and also defendants. 

The judge allowed the students to improvise with questions to the accused, some of which were really hard and quite harsh on their sentencing. HHJ Johnson steered the students who were sentencing in the right direction, resulting in the accused, in the dock, feeling rather relieved when the real judge gave him a suspended sentence for 2 years. 

HHJ Johnson was really impressed with the way the students took to the challenge and how they were able to use their knowledge on the rule of law.  

All students were then given a Q and A session with the Judge. Questions raised included; How long does it take to become a judge and have you ever sentenced a 'serial killer'!  HHJ Johnson gave the students more than enough to think about for their future career choices with a few now really interested in persuing this in the future.

Eva said, "I learnt that you have to take in all the evidence before making up your mind what punishment you give."

Megan said, "I had no idea that it can take a long time to decide if you find people, guilt or not guilty."

Tiago commented, "I loved the fact that I could put my defence to the judge and jury."

Bailey added, "I had some good advice on career choices and how to go about making law my first choice for my career."