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Stoke Damerel Community College

Sparx Maths: SDCC Students Shine Globally with Remarkable Achievements

In the final week of the academic year, the students at SDCC proudly secured an extraordinary feat in Sparx maths, claiming the second spot globally for the highest amount of Sparx completed.

The sheer dedication and hard work of SDCC students were truly commendable, as over the course of the year, they collectively completed a staggering 20,339 hours of Sparx exercises, equivalent to an astounding 847 days' worth! This remarkable effort allowed them to tackle over 2 million questions, showcasing their passion for learning and their determination to excel.

Among the standout achievements, the Year 11 students across the campus consistently proved to be the best within the trust, demonstrating their exceptional grasp of mathematical concepts and their commitment to their studies. Additionally, the Year 9 students at SDCC claimed a well-deserved award for achieving the highest completion rate throughout the year, further highlighting the excellence and dedication prevalent amongst the school's younger learners.

Sparx maths has undeniably played a pivotal role in nurturing a strong foundation in mathematics for these students, encouraging them to embrace challenges and grow into confident problem solvers. The incredible results are a testament to the support of teachers, the dedication of students, and the commitment of the entire SDCC community to academic excellence.

As the academic year comes to a close, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our students in the realm of Sparx maths. Congratulations to all SDCC students for their outstanding achievements in Sparx maths!