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A-Level Results Day: Year 13 Students Shine Bright!

With hearts full of pride and joy, we extend a resounding round of applause to the incredible Year 13 students for their outstanding results!

As the sun sets on this chapter of your educational journey, a new dawn rises, illuminating the path to your next steps – be it university pursuits, exciting employment opportunities, or promising apprenticeships. Each one of you is a beacon of inspiration, and your achievements fill us with awe and admiration.

A Collective Achievement:

Today marks a monumental achievement for our Year 13 students, as every sixth form leaver secures their next chapter in life. The diversity of your chosen paths, whether in higher education or the workforce, is truly amazing and reflects the depth of your talents and aspirations. We applaud your dedication and commitment to reaching this momentous milestone.

Celebrating Excellence:

The BTEC results have brought immense pride, as our students have averaged a remarkable grade of Distinction. This remarkable accomplishment showcases not only your proficiency in practical skills but also your dedication to your chosen fields of study.

Individual Success Stories:

Among the brilliant stars in this constellation of achievement, Tanisha's story shines brightly. Filled with pride and happiness, she exclaims, "I am so proud of myself and happy with my results." Taking a year to gain valuable work experience with children before pursuing her university journey, Tanisha's dedication is evident. With offers to study Mental Health Nursing at Plymouth University and Counselling and Psychotherapy at Marjon University, she's a testament to the power of hard work and determination.

Kuba's triumphant journey has led him to an incredible ABB in his A Levels. Expressing his commitment, he shares, "I couldn’t have worked any harder. I spent all my free time in the study room and stayed late after school with my teachers to ensure I understood everything I needed to. I’m pleased my hard work has paid off.” His dedication paid off as he secured his spot to study Aerospace Engineering at Southampton University. 

Callum's dream of studying Computer Science Games is now a reality as he prepares to join Greenwich University. "I am over the moon!" he exclaims. His enthusiasm and passion for his chosen field have propelled him to this exciting new chapter, overcoming challenges and embracing the exhilaration of higher education.

Jamie's journey is one of curiosity and enthusiasm as he embarks on his studies in Bio Science at Plymouth University. With a well-deserved few weeks of celebration and relaxation ahead, Jamie's dedication and hard work have led him to this moment of achievement.

A Bright Future Awaits:

To all our remarkable students, we commend your achievements and celebrate your victories. As you look to the future, remember that your potential knows no bounds. For those who might not have achieved their desired results, our dedicated staff stands ready to offer guidance and support as you navigate your next steps.

Congratulations to all our amazing students – your achievements have set the stage for greatness, and we eagerly anticipate the brilliance you'll bring to the world!