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Stoke Damerel Community College

Sky Up Academy Studios On Tour: Empowering Tomorrow's Digital Storytellers​​​​​​​

In an era where digital literacy and creativity are more important than ever, Sky has taken an innovative step towards nurturing young talent.

For an entire week, Sky have been collaborating with Year 9 students on a groundbreaking initiative known as "Sky Up Academy Studios On Tour." This pop-up storytelling experience promised to boost digital skills, raise aspirations, and ignite the creative spark in young minds.

Working together, the students embarked on a mission to develop their digital skills while also contributing to a brighter future. They were tasked with devising a #GoZero media campaign for "The Daily Climate Show," a bold initiative to address pressing climate issues. Within the e-vehicle, students learned the art of crafting stories tailored for various platforms, whether it's utilising the pop-up photography studio or diving into the hi-tech digital media suite.

One of the standout achievements of this program is the creation of a campaign report focused on raising local awareness about climate issues. In a collaborative effort, students put their newfound digital skills to the test, generating a range of campaign assets. These assets span from eye-catching digital billboards to captivating social media videos, all designed to have a lasting impact.

The experience extends beyond mere content creation. Through the "Creative Careers Challenge," students gain insights into the diverse job roles within the creative industries. This eye-opening activity encourages personal reflection, helping students discover their unique skills profile and explore potential curriculum choices that align with their passions.

Additionally, students have the privilege of hearing from Sky professionals who are the architects of real-world campaigns. This interaction allows them to assess their existing skills and contemplate how those talents could translate into rewarding careers within the creative industries.

A particularly exhilarating moment for the students came at the end of each session, where they witnessed the fruits of their labour. Some of the most confident students stepped into the limelight as models and media correspondents, while others took on the vital roles of directors, photographers, and editors.

The "Sky Up Academy Studios On Tour" experience spans a week, working closely with two groups of approximately 30 students per day. Each day features both morning and afternoon sessions, ensuring that a substantial number of young minds benefit from this immersive journey into the world of digital storytelling.

Sky's commitment to empowering the next generation of digital storytellers is both commendable and inspiring. This initiative exemplifies the profound impact that collaborative learning and hands-on experiences can have on shaping the minds and aspirations of our youth.