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Catering Students Get a Taste of Professional Cooking with Boringdon Hall Chef Visit

Twenty budding Year 10 catering students received a crash course in gourmet cooking from a professional chef. A big thanks to a special visit from Stacey Le Gallez, Group HR Manager at Philema Hospitality Management, and Keren Fry, Junior Sous Chef from Acleaf at Boringdon Hall who gave our students an incredible opportunity.

During the visit, Keren Fry, a talented chef who trained at the renowned Michael Caines Academy before undertaking a career in hospitality under the guidance of Michelin star Head Chef Scott Paton, took the students under her wing. She led a master class where she demonstrated how to create an indulgent chocolate tart from scratch, using ingredients generously provided by Boringdon Hall.

Divided into small groups, the students prepared the chocolate ganache and baked their tarts under Keren's guidance. They then learned the art of presentation as Keren showcased various decorative techniques, emphasising the importance of visual appeal in culinary delights. From delicate chantilly cream swirls to vibrant raspberries, the students explored creative ways to decorate their creations.

The results were impressive, with each student showcasing their unique interpretation of the desert. Ms. Aldridge, their teacher, said, “This hands-on experience will greatly benefit our students in their upcoming Hospitality exams, particularly in understanding the significance of presentation.”

Boringdon Hall is part of the prestigious Philema Hospitality Management Group, which also includes the Fistral Beach Hotel and The Esplanade Hotel in Newquay. With it’s acclaimed restaurants like Àclèaf and The Mayflower Brasserie, Boringdon Hall is renowned for its Michelin-starred dining experience and innovative British cuisine crafted by Head Chef Scott Paton.

For the students, this was more than just a cooking class - it was a glimpse into the professional world of hospitality. They were inspired by Keren's expertise and expressed an interest in more interactions with industry experts such as this one.

As a school, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Philema Hospitality Management for their support and for providing our students with this invaluable opportunity to learn from the best.