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Year 7 cricket team shine in latest fixture

Our Year 7 girls cricket team had an exciting day competing against Plympton Academy and Eggbuckland in a much-anticipated fixture. Although they didn't secure a victory, both matches were intensely competitive, ending in two close finishes that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Their dedication to the game and to each other was evident as they coordinated plays and supported one another on the field. The sunny weather added to the enjoyment, making it a perfect day for cricket.

Amongst the budding talents, one player stood out with her exceptional performance - Bibi. She had excellent bowling, showing significant improvement throughout both matches.

While the scoreboard may not have reflected their efforts with a win, the girls left the field with their heads held high, proud of their performance and the camaraderie they displayed. It was an afternoon filled with fun, learning, and memorable moments.