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Stoke Damerel Community College

Pastoral Teams

Year 7 

Introduction from Year 7 Head of Year

Assistant Head of Year
Mrs Morgan 

Hello, my name is Mrs MacManus and I am proud to be the Head of Year 7.  I spend part of the summer term getting to know as many of Year 6 students as possible by visiting them in their primary schools.  Starting secondary school is an exciting time but it can also be quite daunting for some students, so I work with our excellent year team to make the transition successful and stress free. As a year team we provide outstanding pastoral care as well as working alongside subject teachers to build good learning habits. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring that the youngest students in the college achieve and thrive.

Favourite book: The Neapolitan Novels series by Elena Ferrante

Year Team
Mrs MacManus - Head of Year
Mrs Morgan- Assistant Head of Year

Year 8 

Introduction from Year 8 Head of Year

Assistant Head of Year
Mrs Plane

Hello, I am Mr Smith and I am delighted to be the Head of Year 8. Having worked with the students last year as the Assistant Head of Year 7 I am very much looking forward to helping the students that I have got to know well already through the challenges that year 8 will bring. I will do all that I can, along with my Assistant Head of Year, to ensure that the students in my year have the opportunity to thrive in a calm learning environment. Outside of school I enjoy watching most sports and particularly enjoy football, Formula 1 and NFL as well as getting some fresh air on nice long dog walks.

Favourite book - To Kill A Mocking Bird - Harper Lee

Year Team
Mr Smith - Head of Year
Mrs Plane - Assistant Head of Year

Year 9 

Introduction from Year 9 Head of Year

Assistant Head of Year

Hello, I am Mr Nevin, I am Head of Year 9.  I am so proud and privileged to be working with the Class of 2025. I am excited to be within this new role and have been made to feel very welcome with the incredible students and tutor team in front of me.We will have many challenges this year, but I will work with our excellent year team to help support you and your families to ensure time with us is successful. I will always push for us to be the best year group we can be, excellent classwork and behaviour, being respectful and polite around the college. Supporting one another. We will ensure you make memories to last a lifetime. I can’t wait to see your stories unfold and the success coming your way. 

Favourite book : The Rock says by Dwayne Johnson

I am a huge sports fan, I love Wrestling and supporting my team of Liverpool F.C., Boxing and NFL. I also love Movies, Music (Elvis Presley, Robbie Williams to name a few) but above all, spending time with my family.

Year Team
Mr Nevin - Head of Year
TBC - Assistant Head of Year

Year 10 

Introduction from Year 10 Head of Year

Assistant Head of Year
Mrs Everett

Hello, I am Mr Ward and I am Head of Year 10. My role as a Head of Year is an enjoyable experience which allows me to have an impact on the progress of the students in the year group as well as build up key relationships with students and parents as they progress on their academic journey through Stoke Damerel. In my role as a Head of Year I work tirelessly to support students through the most important times of their education and enjoy the student realise their potential as they become successful young men and women of the future. 

Favourite author: John Grisham
I am also an avid sports fan and enjoy my annual visits to the NFL games in London and enjoy playing Tennis all year round and cricket in the summer. 

Year Team
Mr Ward - Head of Year
Mrs Everett - Assistant Head of Year
Mrs Jones - Welfare Adviser

Year 11 

Introduction from Year 11 Head of Year

Assistant Head of Year
Miss Honeyghan

Hello, my name is Mrs Bevin, and I am the proud Head of Year 11 at Stoke Damerel Community College.
I am very much enjoying working with the year 11’s as they embark on their GCSE journey this year and I will be closely monitoring their academic and pastoral progress.

I have many interests outside of school including, Guiding UK and supporting the Plymouth Soup Run. 

Favourite book: Wild Swans by Jung Chan

Year Team
Mrs Bevin - Head of Year
Miss Honeyghan - Assistant Head of Year
Mrs Jones - Welfare Adviser

Sixth Form 

Introduction from Sixth Form Head 

Assistant Head of
Sixth Form
Mrs Bray

Introduction from Sixth Form Head.
Hello, my name is Mr Tinkler, and I’m the Head of Sixth Form at Stoke Damerel Community College. We pride ourselves on having a very diverse Sixth Form, and it is our role to ensure that all students leave here on the right pathway to a successful future. We begin our guidance in Year 10 and offer advice on what students can do Post-16. Once in the Sixth Form we help students not only achieve their qualifications and reach their full potential, we also equip our young people with the wider skills needed to thrive in life. 

Favourite books: 
A Man Without Breath by Phillip Kerr 
The Black Angel by John Connolly.

Sixth Form Year Team

Head of Year
Mr Tinkler

Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Bray

Year 12

Katy Gears
Lucy Heap
Tamsin Wright
Simon Romaine
John Henson

Year 13

Arran Webb
Laura Aldridge
Darren Towers