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You can find all of the Stoke Damerel Community College policies below.

Stoke Damerel Community College is part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

All Trust-wide policies can be downloaded here, including the Data Protection Policies, Health and Safety Policies and Procedures and the Equalities Policy.

Official Trust documents, including the Annual Report and Accounts, the Gender Pay Report and the Annual Equalities Statement, can be found under official Trust documents here.

Stoke Damerel Community College's financial benchmarking can be accessed here.

Should a parent or carer require a copy of any information on this page, we will be happy to provide it free of charge. Please contact the school office.

  1. Download
    Accessibility Plan.pdf
  2. Download
    Admission Arrangements for 2021-2022.pdf
  3. Download
    Admission Arrangements for 2022-2023.pdf
  4. Download
    Anti-bullying policy.pdf
  5. Download
    Attendance Policy.pdf
  6. Download
    Behaviour Policy.pdf
  7. Download
    Careers Policy and Provider Access Policy.pdf
  8. Download
    CCTV - Addendum to the GLT CCTV Use Procedure.pdf
  9. Download
    Charging & Remissions Policy.pdf
  10. Download
    Complaints Procedure.pdf
  11. Download
    Covid 19 Catch-Up Report.pdf
  12. Download
    Curriculum Handbook.pdf
  13. Download
    Drugs and Alcohol Policy.pdf
  14. Download
    Examination Policy.pdf
  15. Download
    Home College Agreement.pdf
  16. Download
    Lettings Policy 2022.pdf
  17. Download
    Looked After Children (LAC) and Previously Looked After Children (PLAC) Policy.pdf
  18. Download
    Mobile Phone Procedure.pdf
  19. Download
    Modern Britain Statement.pdf
  20. Download
    Non Examination Assessment Policy.pdf
  21. Download
    Online Safety Policy.pdf
  22. Download
    Outdoor Education Policy.pdf
  23. Download
    Privacy Notice - Parents and Carers.pdf
  24. Download
    Privacy Notice - Students 13+.pdf
  25. Download
    Privacy Notice - Visitors.pdf
  26. Download
    Privacy Notice - Younger Students.pdf
  27. Download
    Pupil Premium Report 2022_23.pdf
  28. Download
    Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).pdf
  29. Download
    Safeguarding Policy.pdf
  30. Download
    School Admission Appeal.pdf
  31. Download
    Separated Parents Policy.pdf
  32. Download
    SEND Policy and Information Report.pdf
  33. Download
    Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural Education Statement.pdf
  34. Download
    Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy.pdf
  35. Download
    Transgender Policy.pdf
  36. Download
    Uniform Policy.pdf
  37. Download
    Volunteers in Schools Policy.pdf
  38. Download
    16 to 19 Tuition Fund Statement.pdf